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The eco wall mount baskets are ideal for onions, garlics, potatoes or fruit as they are well permeable to air.

This product is 100% Handmade and I used ecofriendly materials like jute twine and jute rope (made from natural and organic fibers). It’s considered as Green Activity because it’s made by hand.

Make sure that the size of the fruits basket you order is the one you need! XXL basket can hold about 1,5-2 kg (3-4 pounds) of apples or potatoes. XL and L baskets can be used to store smaller vegetables and fruits. XS, S, M baskets can be used to store garlic, nuts.

The set of two jute baskets for wall storage are carefully handmade and weaved from top quality jute cord in Vietnam.They can store vegetables and fruits, as the baskets are well permeable to air. You can also store your tools in the workshop so that they are always at your fingertips.

It is a safe product and has multiples applications, helping you to make a better use of your 3D spaces. Kitchen (vegetables, kitchen utensils); Garden; Indoor – Outdoor; Living room; Entryway; and others. Easy to hanging on wall, doors, closets. Brings features align to boho, rustic, cottage and farmhouse stylish.


Material: Jute

Size: 27x26x33 cm

Package: 1* Hanging Wall Vegetable Fruit Baskets